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The Game Ignites Instagram Feud, After Liking Chris Brown’s Ex GF Karrueche Tran’s Pics


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Over the Labor Day weekend Rapper The Game, and a Chris Brown affiliate got into an epic Instagram feud that began after The Game seemingly decided to taunt Chris Brown by following his ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Instagram.

Following someone on Instagram seems like a simple gesture, however at the time, The Game followed no one—not a single soul, but after the rapper hit Karrueche’s “FOLLOW” button on IG, she was the sole individual the rapper was following on his Instagram account:





Then, Game started liking some pics:

image1 (10)


Chris caught wind of what was happening and called Game out:


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Then, Chris Brown’s side kick who goes by “Wackstar” began taunting Game. Wackstar began making subliminal posts directed at Game. In one post, Waskstar posted the cover art for R&B group En Vougue and posted the caption “Never Gon Get It” :

image1 (14)

Then, all hell broke loose:

(Disclaimer: We do not necessarily agree, or condone with any language used by the parties involved below)

image1 (15)

image2 (2)

image3 (1)

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Then Game accused Wackstar of being the master mind behind the recent robbery at Chris Brown’s home were his aunt was tied up:

image5 (1)






Then, WackStar claims Wiz Khalifa’s (who’s name is ‘Mistercap’ on Instagram) bodyguard, beat Game’s a**:








A few days later, Game continued taunting Chris by liking more of Karrueche’s pics, then suddenly, Game’s Instagram account was deleted from Instagram. The next day the account was reactivated, and Game blamed it on “hackers.”


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