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Gozzy Chatter: Dear Celeb Gozzip, Drake’s Dad Owes Me Money And He Was Talking SH*T About Drake Too!!

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Gozzy Chatter:

Dear Celeb Gozzip,



Dennis Graham and I had met a couple of years back . We immediately “clicked” because we were just good company to one another. It may be a Virgo thing ! We  always were around each other, just out living life when we both had free time to do so. Long story short, Dennis decided to put a record out and was looking for a classy female rapper. He posted something about it on Instagram and I saw it. I then texted him and asked him why he did not just ask me, you know because we were friends and he knew I rapped. (I’ve been on the radio here in Memphis). He then tells me that he will give me a shot. He thought it would be terrible trying to rap to the type of song he had because I’m “ghetto” in Dennis words .  I make varieties of music. I’ve worked with a rock band before all the way to making music with Project Pat back when I was 18. LOL so I’ve done it all. Well I arrived at Dennis’s house and he played the record for me. I wrote a verse right then and there. I told him I was done writing and I was ready to record . I got up, walked up to the mic and put the headphones on. In the middle of me rapping my verse, Dennis walks up to me and DAPS me saying “yes baby, that is exactly what I’m looking for!” I finished the verse and he completely loved the song, that’s when he decides to post on IG that he found his female rapper, which was me . Long story short we flew out to Sweden to shoot a music video to the song. We did that and the video looked great . He even called me when he got the video back saying how he was proud of me and that I looked great in the video. We then we’re just waiting on a release date ! I was just waiting on my opportunity to shine because my family was depending on me . From my brother being in and out of jail and my sister losing custody of her child out of the blue from her jealous ex, I just couldn’t wait. All I could think about was helping my family out, it wasn’t even about me. I felt like I used my talent to get where I wanted to be and I was almost there …..and then BOOM, I’m kicked off of the song like that . No explanation of why or anything. I know the industry is full of shit here and there and I pray that his son is not the reason I got kicked off of the song. The whole reason Dennis was looking for someone else to get on the song [and rap] was because Drake had been blowing him off. he said he’s tired of waiting on Drake, he was ready to put the song out. He even told me one day “F*ck Drake, I’m not waiting on his ass anymore!” I have lost all respect for Dennis because he knew what my family had gone through and apparently didn’t care about how I ended up because I still haven’t found out why I’m not on the song nor been offered any pay for my work. So I guess time will tell. When he releases his video, I will release ours.

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